Precautions when using quality N/55/100 Series Staples



quality N/55/100 Series Staples is a common office supplies, widely used in file filing, paper positioning and other fields. Proper use of staples can increase productivity and keep documents neat and organized. This article will introduce the characteristics of quality N/55/100 Series Staples and the matters needing attention in use.

First of all, quality N/55/100 Series Staples are made of steel, which has excellent hardness and toughness, and is suitable for documents and papers of most thicknesses. The staples in this series are produced in standard sizes and can be used with any type of stapler or stationery scissors. At the same time, the quality N/55/100 Series Staples have a smooth appearance and excellent surface finish, making them easy to install and operate.

quality N/55/100 Series Staples

Secondly, quality N/55/100 Series Staples need to pay attention to the following points during use:

1. Use a professional stapler or stationery scissors: Do not use non-professional tools to handle staples, as this will prevent the staples from properly aligning and forming a firm hold.

2. Choose the correct staple size: Documents of different thicknesses require staples of different specifications, so when choosing staples, choose the appropriate specification according to the thickness of the document to be stapled.

3. Pay attention to safety items: When using staples, pay attention to safety to avoid accidental stabbing. When replacing and disposing of staples, take care to keep unused staples out of reach of children.

4. Avoid over-stapling: over-stapling can deform and damage documents and make them difficult to retrieve. Therefore, pay attention to controlling the strength when ordering to avoid excessive pressure.

5. Avoid mixed use: Do not mix staples of different brands or specifications, otherwise it will affect their fixing effect and shorten their lifespan.

All in all, the quality N/55/100 Series Staples are a quality stationery that can provide significant assistance in applications such as filing and paper positioning. In use, we need to pay attention to selecting appropriate specifications, using professional tools, and paying attention to safety matters, etc., to ensure the normal use and effective effect of staples.

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