N/55/100 Series Staples products are a high quality product



N/55/100 Series Staples products are a commonly used staple for binding documents and papers in offices, schools and homes. The staples are N/55/100 in size, 0.9mm in diameter and 10mm in length. Because of their decent size, these staples are effective in gluing and securing documents so they won't come loose or fall apart.

N/55/100 Series Staples products are made of high-quality steel, and its surface is smooth, flat, free of deformation and burrs. These properties allow them to pass through paper as thick as 100 sheets with ease, and also reduce the resistance and friction of the nails, allowing them to form deeper spherical depressions. At the same time, the staple can easily pass through the paper under the action of compression force, and can firmly fix the paper and is not easy to fall off.

N/55/100 Series Staples products

N/55/100 Series Staples products have a wide range of application scenarios. Because of their modest size, they can be used to bind documents of all types and sizes, including reports, contracts, brochures, and more. Plus, because of their ease of use, many students and staff choose to use these staples as their office and school supplies.

In conclusion, N/55/100 Series Staples products are high-quality, effective, convenient and easy-to-use staples suitable for binding various types of documents and paper, including reports, contracts, brochures, etc. Their size, strength, and durability make them ideal binding materials in offices, schools, and homes.

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