Hebei TianFeng Metal Products Co, Ltd. is located in Northem of China Hardware nail production base - Gongzi vllage industrial zoneLongyao County Hebei Province.

At present, the company sets nail R & D, production, sales Coil nais, F-type brad nails, T-ype brad nails, U type staples, K-type staples,N-type staples, 14 series staples, 71 series staples, 80 series staples, 92 series staples, P series staples, ST-type brad nails, HT-type brad nails,Drywall screw, Ecological board nail, Chipboard screw, Self dilling screw, Flooring nail, Concrete nail, Gas shooting nail, Shooting nail, Commoniron nail, Special steel nail, Needle nails, Studs etc. series products in one of the large enterprises.

The company uses modern management mode, to automation and computerization of one- stop production, professional manufacturing technology as the foundation, excellence, formation of 12 major series, more than 100 kinds of products, variety specification model is complete,known as "the coronal of precision metal manufacturing". Products are widely used in construction, decoration, wood, leather, furniture manufacturing, and other fields, the products sell well Hebei Province, Shandong Province, Shanxi Province, Shanxi Province, Jiangsu Province,Anhui Province, Hunan Province, Hubei Province, Sichuan Province, Jilin Province and Heilongiang Province, Guangxi Province, Beiing, Tianjin and other several provinces and regions, and exported to South Korea, the United States,Russia and other countries and regions.



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ADD.: Gongzi Village Industrial Zone, Longyan County, Hebei Province 

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