How to pull out the Ecological Board Nail in the wood



Pull out the Ecological Board Nail from the wood, insert a screwdriver between the two boards and pry it hard. If the board is no longer in use, it is easier to remove the Ecological Board Nail by pounding it with a hammer until the block is broken. If you have a hammer claw at home, you can use the hammer claw to pull out the Ecological Board Nail.

Ecological Board Nail

Generally, there are Ecological Board Nails on the wooden boards. This Ecological Board Nail can be recycled. After one use, it can be pulled out and used again. However, the process of pulling it out is very troublesome, and you need to use a small tool to pull it out. In fact, using a hammer claw to pull out the Ecological Board Nail is the best method, but in some cases, a cat's claw nail lifter or a pair of pliers may be required.

If the wood is relatively hard, you need to use a small hammer to break the wood blocks, so that in the process of starting the Ecological Board Nail, it will not take a lot of effort, and it can shorten the time of the Ecological Board Nail. When pulling the Ecological Board Nail, the hammer acts as a lever. If the distance from the nail cap to the fulcrum can be shortened, the pressure of the hammer can be reduced.

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