Use of Ecological Board Nail



In engineering, carpentry, and construction, an Ecological Board Nail refers to a pointed, hard metal (usually steel) used to hold things such as wood.

Ecological Board Nails have different shapes due to their many uses. The most common Ecological Board Nails are called "wire nails", and other common Ecological Board Nail names are pins, pushpins or brad nails. The Ecological Board Nail has a wide range of uses and uses in many scenarios.

Ecological Board Nail

The length of the Ecological Board Nail should be 2.5 to 3 times the thickness of the workpiece to be nailed. In order to increase the firmness of the connection, there should be an angle when nailing, forming a dovetail oblique nail combination to produce a hook effect. For wood nails, the long ends should be sawed first to reduce the splitting of the wood. When nailing the Ecological Board Nail, the nail holes should be drilled first, and the hole diameter should be slightly smaller than the nail diameter. For each connection surface, at least two standard Ecological Board Nails should be nailed to ensure the connection is firm.

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