These Uses of Ecological Board Nail Need to Know



The main purpose of the production of Ecological Board Nail is to make the industrial products form a fixed body. During the use process, it often happens that the teeth cannot be tightly bonded, the screw head is broken due to excessive locking, or the teeth are not tightly locked. These are the core issues of Ecological Board Nail. Ecological Board Nail is a "mass product", not a handmade artwork. In mass production, the purpose is to provide high-precision, stable quality and popular price to consumers. Ecological Board Nail is usually grade 6g (grade 2, US specification "IFI" is 2A teeth), and the rough screw for construction engineering is grade 8g (grade 3, "IFI" is 1A teeth).

Ecological Board Nail

The role of Ecological Board Nail is very important. There are examples of houses collapsed due to poor quality of Ecological Board Nail in the world; there are also examples of many serious accidents caused by poor quality of Ecological Board Nail. Ecological Board Nail, also known as wallboard nails, is used to install various gypsum boards, ceilings, lightweight partitions, light steel keels, etc. The biggest feature of the appearance is the shape of the trumpet head. Ecological Board Nail has to go through a series of processes from carbon steel to become the final Ecological Board Nail. In the process of Ecological Board Nail, annealing, wire drawing, punching, rolling, heat treatment, each process All are strictly controlled, and only qualified high-quality Ecological Board Nail will leave the factory and reach the hands of customers.

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