Selection Criteria for Ecological Board Nail



1. The head should be round (this is also the common standard for all round head screws), because of production process problems, the head of the Ecological Board Nail produced by many manufacturers may not be very round, and some may even be slightly square. The problem is that After screwing in, it can not completely match the gypsum board, concentric circles, rotating around a center point, this should be well understood.

Ecological Board Nail

2. The tip should be sharp, especially when you use it on the light steel keel. The tip of the Ecological Board Nail is generally required to be between 22 and 26 degrees, and the tip of the head should be full, and there should be no dragging or cracking. This "point" is more important for the Ecological Board Nail, because the use of the Ecological Board Nail does not require prefabricated holes and is directly screwed in, so the point also assumes the function of drilling through. Especially when used on light steel keels When it is used, the bad tip will cause the drill to not go in, which will directly affect the use.

3. No eccentricity. A simple way to judge whether the Ecological Board Nail is eccentric is to place the round head on the table to see if the threaded part is vertical and in the middle of the head.

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