How to use Ecological Board Nail



1. The Ecological Board Nail usually consists of two parts, namely plastic hooks and steel nails, the steel nails are used to pierce the wall, and the plastic hooks are used to hang items. Steel nails are usually designed to be three, arranged in the position of three points of an equilateral triangle, which ensures the stability of the Ecological Board Nail. The plastic hook is made of industrial plastic, which has good physical properties and is not easy to deform and damage.

Ecological Board Nail

2. The method of using the Ecological Board Nail is very simple. Like ordinary nails, first determine the installation position, then align the steel nails with the wall, and knock them into the wall with a hammer at a right angle. Be light when nailing, don't say that the plastic hook is broken, keep the right angle, and don't tilt. Until all the steel nails are inserted into the wall, shake it up and down by hand to check whether it is firm. It can be used if it is stable.

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