How is the fastening effect of Ecological Board Nail



Different nails have different purposes, and the effects produced by different nails and the environment in which they are used are also different. So today I will introduce to you a kind of nail with good fastening effect, that is Ecological Board Nail. Why do you say that the fastening effect of this kind of nail is better?

Ecological Board Nail

This is because this kind of nail is not a smooth structure. This kind of nail has obvious characteristics in appearance - the shape of the horn head is used, and the screw shape is used in the nail itself. This special structure makes the nail and the connector The bite force and friction between them are greatly increased, resulting in a better fastening effect.

Ecological Board Nail can actually be subdivided into three types: double-line fine teeth, single-line thick teeth, and self-drilling nails. These three types of nails belong to the Ecological Board Nail series, and are divided into three types according to specific usage requirements.

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