Do you understand the difference between Ecological Board Nail products and drywall screws



First of all, from their diameter, the diameter of Ecological Board Nail products includes six specifications of 3 mm, 3.5 mm, 4 mm, 4.5 mm, 5 mm, and mm, of which 4 mm, 5 mm, and 6 mm are the most common. However, the diameter of drywall screws does not have so many specifications, only 3.5mm. Both drywall screws and Ecological Board Nail products have countersunk head, semi-sunk head, and round head designs. The grooves of drywall screws are deeper and more attractive.

Ecological Board Nail products

In general, it is half toothed, while fiberboard screws are generally full toothed. The biggest feature of the drywall screw in appearance is the shape design of the horn head. If it is divided according to the thread, it can also be divided into two types: single-line coarse-tooth dry-wall screw J and double-line fine-tooth dry-wall screw.

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