good price and quality Self Drilling Screws With Wings Brushed Forming



The so-called conventional good price and quality Self Drilling Screws With Wings are screws that can be tapped by themselves. The difference between this screw and the general screw is that a suitable screw hole needs to be punched in advance when screwing the screw, while this screw does not need a screw hole, and can realize self-tapping while screwing in, thus greatly saving installation. steps and time. So do you know the drawing and forming of this screw?

good price and quality Self Drilling Screws With Wings

1. Drawing

Wire drawing: Also known as wire drawing, this step is mainly to draw the wire to the cold heading machine. Usually there is a process before wire drawing, that is, pickling. In order to remove the oxide film on the surface of the wire, so that a phosphate film can be formed on the surface, the main purpose of pickling is to remove the surface of the wire as much as possible. Impurities are removed, and the rough surface is prevented from scratching the mold. After the wire surface is pickled, it needs to be cold drawn by the wire drawing machine to the required wire diameter. The length of the wire diameter should be the length required for the screw to be produced.

2. Forming

For good price and quality Self Drilling Screws With Wings, forming is a very important step. Generally, it is necessary to form the head first. After the process of one die and two punches, the head can be formed. There are many shapes of the head, such as inner hexagon, Countersunk head, round head, large flat head and outer hexagon, etc.

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