Several roles of Hex Flange Self Drilling Screw



The Hex Flange Self Drilling Screw is mostly used for connecting thin metal sheets. The thread is an ordinary thread with an arc-shaped triangular section, and the thread surface also has high hardness, so when connecting, the screw can also tap the inner thread in the threaded bottom hole of the connected piece to form a connection. This kind of screw is characterized by low screw-in torque and high locking performance, which has better working performance than ordinary self-tapping screws, and can be used instead of machine screws.

Hex Flange Self Drilling Screw

Wallboard Hex Flange Self Drilling Screw is used for connection between gypsum wallboard etc. and metal joists. The thread is a double-headed thread, and the thread surface also has a high hardness (≥HRC53), which can be quickly screwed into the keel without making a prefabricated hole to form a connection.

The difference between Hex Flange Self Drilling Screw and ordinary self-tapping screws is that when connecting ordinary self-tapping screws, they must go through two processes: drilling (drilling bottom holes) and tapping (including fastening connections); while Hex Flange Self Drilling Screw When the Screw is connected, the two processes of drilling and tapping are combined at one time. It first drills with a drill bit in front of the screw, and then uses the screw for tapping (including fastening connection), which saves construction time and improves construction efficiency.

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