Several advantages of 92 Series Staples



92 Series Staples are two-sided fasteners, usually metal, used to join or bond materials together. Large 92 Series Staples may be used with hammers or 92 Series Staples guns for masonry, roofing, corrugated boxes and other heavy duty applications. The smaller 92 Series Staples are used with staplers to hold pieces of paper together; these 92 Series Staples are paper document fasteners that are more durable than paper clips.

92 Series Staples

Most types of 92 Series Staples are easier to produce than nails or screws.

The crown of the 92 Series Staples can be used to bridge materials that are butted together.

The crown can bridge a piece and hold it in place without piercing it with a leg on either side, such as securing a cable to a wooden frame.

92 Series Staples crowns provide more surface area than other similar fasteners. This is usually more helpful with thinner materials.

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