Phosphating of Integrated Shooting Nails products



We all know that Integrated Shooting Nails products require a series of technological processes before they can be shipped to consumers, including annealing, wire drawing, nail punching, wire rolling, quenching, phosphating or galvanizing surface treatment, we will come Talk about phosphating of surface treatment.

In order to standardize the operation of the screw phosphating process and avoid unqualified quality caused by operational errors, Tianjin dry nail manufacturers have formulated the following standardized operation procedures, which our operators must strictly abide by. At the same time, I also tell many consumers who care about and do not understand this aspect of phosphating to explain in detail:

Integrated Shooting Nails products

1. Put the screw into the hydrochloric acid bucket, pickle and activate the surface of the screw;

2. Put the screws into the clean water bucket and clean by Barros;

3. Put the cleaned screws into the blackening tank and carry out blackening treatment (the surface is discolored and not faded). The tank configuration is: 5% black dyeing wave plus 3% hydrochloric acid 5% plus 90% normal temperature water;

4. Put the screws into the clean water bucket and clean the screws;

5. Put the cleaned screws into the surface adjustment groove for surface adjustment. Table adjustment configuration: table adjustment 2% with normal temperature water (PH>8);

6. Put the adjusted screws into the phosphating tank for phosphating treatment. Phosphating configuration: 9% of phosphating solution, 90% of water, immersed at 90 degrees for 5-10 minutes, and the surface of the screw can be evenly phosphated;

7. Put the Integrated Shooting Nails products into the clean water bucket and clean the screws;

8. Put the cleaned screws into the drying bucket for screw drying and dehydration;

9. Put the dried screw into a bucket with anti-rust oil, soak it, soak it evenly and then lift it out.

If the phosphating process is done well, Integrated Shooting Nails products will have better lubrication and better attack speed. Can greatly improve work efficiency.

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